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In cooperation with our partners, we aid in selecting components from our wide range of compressors and accessories. 

More than half of the large buildings in the world today are conditioned by a Trane chiller which plays a critical role in creating the right environment. 

Control Technologies for Turbo Machinery

Compressor Controls Cooperation (CCC), has integrated compressor controls to maximize turbomachinery operations.

For use in the upstream segment of the pipeline, WTE can supply, install and commission dehydration units to energy and process industries around the country.

WTE offers complete solutions through use of SKF/Baker Technology (AWAIV-12kV HO and Dynamic Online tester EXP 4000).

Donaldson Compressed Air & Process Filtration provides filtration solutions for air/technical gases, liquids and steam. 

Our range of products includes mechanical seals and systems, joints, packing, couplings, gaskets and spare parts. 


WTE supplies a various amount of instrumentation and control devices for all types of industries

IMI CCI Control Valve 2.jpg

IMI CCI's technology meets the demands of today’s oil & gas Industry and can provide tailor made products for critical applications, which benefit end users.

IMI CCI Control Valve 2.jpg


Medical air supply is a fundamental part of any hospital and could be considered one of few medicines manufactured on-site.

Fuel oil systems are a major part in the gas turbine equipment sector, running on diesel oil, crude oil or heavy fuel oil.

IMI CCI Control Valve 2.jpg

Vehicles running on LPG produce less harmful emissions and greenhouse CO2. Whilst less expensive than gasoline, LPG can be used without degrading vehicle performance. 


WTE delivers natural gas conditioning stations to gas distribution companies and other large-scale natural gas users (such as power stations, production plants or refineries) all over Iraq. 

IMI CCI Control Valve 2.jpg

All components - from basic to a fully installed system - comprise compressed air, filtration, drying, and control system; completely piped and wired for quick assembly on site.

IMI CCI Control Valve 2.jpg

WTE offers the right pump from well-known international OEM’s for every application and special requirements.

Our JV with SPX FLOW offers a complete range of services for your rotating equipment.

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