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Rotating Equipment Services

We service all brands of rotating equipment and accessories, including: 

  • Compressors

  • Pumps

  • Mixers and Agitators

  • Fans

  • Chillers

In addition, we provide services for the following electrical equipment and instruments: 

  • Electrical Motors

  • Electrical Transformers

  • MV/LV Switchgears

  • Measuring Instruments

  • Control Valves  

All our services are undertaken on-site, at our WTE service centers in Baghdad and Erbil or at “S&W Energy industrial Services” , our Joint Venture with SPX FLOW in North Rumaila.
For more information on our Joint Venture with SPX FLOW, please click here.
Wide-ranging Services.
WTE offers condition-monitoring, repair, maintenance, testing and service solutions of rotating equipment in Iraq. Our key markets include Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Petrochemical industries. We provide field services, shop-based repair, engineering services, maintenance agreements, dynamic balancing, and general machining services. 
We also supply new parts from our vast network of OEMs.
Local Presence.
With about 60 engineers and technicians in the south, middle and north regions of Iraq, WTE provides country-wide reach with high-quality local service. All our facilities are fully equipped and our team is extensively trained to offer our services 24/7 for us to meet all your requirements.
As a leading independent provider of repair services, WTE offers dependable, efficient and competent solutions for any brand of rotating equipment. 
We promise to get the job done. And we get it done. Within budget and on time.
What sets us apart:

  • Affordable: WTE strives to maximize repair whenever possible and hence reduces the necessity replacing spare parts.

  • Reliable: We build lasting relationships with our customers, and we are accountable to them. We have been serving them for more than 20 years and provide these services regardless of the socio-political situation.

  • Fast & Flexible: we respond to your request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to minimize downtime of your equipment and machinery. 

Your benefit:

  • Extension of machinery’s life, by following the motto repair over replace

  • Reliability and a decrease in operating expenditure

  • Decades of service experience in Iraq

  • Transparency, integrity and trust in a partnership

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