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The right pump with professional service.

Our engineers aid in selecting components from our wide range of pumps and accessories. No matter what the individual tasks in process engineering, construction services, water & wastewater, energy, oil & gas is, WTE offers the right pump from well-known international OEM’s for every application and special requirements.

Products / Services: 

  • Service and repair of all rotating equipment, including Steam Pumps. Service and repair for obsolete brands such as Worthington, Bingham, Byron Jackson, and others. Can service and repair other manufacturers’ pumps.

  • Pump upgrades and re-rates to increase meantime between failure and improve efficiency, leading to energy savings.

  • Service and repair of all electrical motors, including rewinding of low voltage motors.

  • Service, repair and calibration of all instrument and control valves.

  • Repair and test for all valves.


Added value for the customer: 

  • 24-hour emergency repair

  • Offering engineered solutions above and beyond the standard repair

  • Offer corrosion and erosion-resistant coatings, zero leakage stuffing box upgrades, and can assist in root-cause analysis to help customers examine pump failure and eliminate repeat occurrences

  • Reverse engineering capability

For more information download our Capabilites Flyer.


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