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Instrument Calibration

WTE has executed projects for international oil companies, including the calibration of: 

  • Pressure gauges

  • Temperature gauges

  • Level controllers

  • Level switches

  • Sign transmitters (pressure, temperature, flow)

  • Level controller

  • Pressure switches

  • Temperature switches

  • Pressure differential switches

  • Thermocouple (RTD)

Various tools we are using:

  • Dry block calibrator

  • Electronic loop simulator/calibrator

  • Dead weight tester

  • Pneumatic loop calibrator

  • Thermocouple calibrator

  • Frequency pulse generators

  • DPI 620 Multipurpose calibrator

  • A variety of mod-bus simulators and communicators

WTE provides its customers certificates with appropriate values and uncertainties available for all standards used in calibration. All standards have demonstrated metrological traceability to the international system of units (SI).

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