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Inspection and monitoring

With our Inspection and Monitoring program, we ensure:                

  • Reduced chance of catastrophic machine failures

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Increased plant productivity

  • Reduced overall cost of operation

Inspection & Monitoring for your sites’ current condition for the following equipment:

  • Rotating equipment condition monitoring and inspection. Complete monitoring programs for rotary equipment on-site:

  • Monitoring of complete package: drive motor/turbine, coupling and driven pumps, compressor, fans, etc.

  • Electrical motors (static and dynamic) monitoring using advanced SKF Baker equipment

  • Inspection of driven equipment and coupling using vibration measurement and monitoring

  • Stationary equipment: on-site inspection for general condition (with NDT tests) of heat exchangers, heaters, vessels and small tanks.

  • Electrical equipment: monitoring and inspection of field electrical equipment, including electrical transformers, substation MV/LV switchgears, electrical motors, power, control cables and explosion proof equipment.

  • Instrument & control equipment: inspection, repair and calibration of instruments, control panels and control systems, as well as replacement and upgrade of existing control systems.

  • Oil & Gas units’ current condition survey: site surveys and site studies for existing Oil & Gas units' general condition, facilities’ condition, equipment condition and condition of resources.

  • Water treatment plants survey and inspection: for RO water units and sewage units of existing water treatment plants. Proposals for upgrade and repair of plants with new systems and equipment. 

As the authorized local partner of SKF, we provide optimum solutions using our in-house as well as SKF’s intensive knowledge on rotating equipment.
We are certified and trained to deliver the following value added services: 

  • Implementation periodic predictive maintenance for critical equipment, balancing, condition monitoring, thermal imaging and vibration analysis

  • Service consulting by guiding for best practice of mounting and dismounting the bearing in application

  • Reviewing lubricant selections, dispensed and interval quantity to recommend the right lubricant solution

  • Aligning shaft/belt driven machinery

  • Adjustment proposals

  • Complete rotating equipment maintenance

  • Delivery and/or fabrication of parts​

  • Upgrade of existing projects

  • Repair and overhaul of rotating equipment covering.

  • Mounting & dismounting of bearings.

  • Basic condition monitoring.

  • Precision laser shaft & belt alignment.

  • In-situ dynamic balancing of rotors.

  • Condition monitoring services – vibration monitoring, thermography, lubricant analysis, temperature monitoring.

  • Electrical motor test, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, motor overhauling and repair.

  • Sharing SKF knowledge through training and seminars on site.

  • Arranging customer training as part of SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute. 

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