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Rental Products & Fleets

Rental operation is far more complicated than a simple equipment hire. The extremely demanding environments and remote locations require a high technical and managerial support. Support we  guarantee to our customers, thanks to our experience and to our dedicated team which is there from to finish to assist you.

Built to the highest quality standards, our fleet can be installed, commissioned, operated and maintained upon request by our specially trained and experienced personnel.

Oil-injected High Pressure Air Compressor

Robust and reliable, the range of Oil-injected air compressors in our rental department are the most durable and robust machines in their class, and as such, they excel in the industry. They are flexible and multi-purpose.

From demanding large rotary blast holes, deep-hole drilling to large diameter pipeline cleaning. Adapted to working in difficult conditions and extreme temperatures, they are the natural choice for deep-hole drillers and the Oil & Gas industry


Light Towers

A bright solution for hard work

WTE rental department can offer tower light service,  we have the new QLT M10 is based on a successful existing concept that has been used on the market for a long time. It includes a metallic enclosure with wide service doors, an electrical cubicle for control and protection, a mast that will extend vertically up to 31 ft and that can be rotated 360°, stabilization legs and an on-road undercarriage. The QLT M10 Light Tower is easy to operate and extremely light and manoeuvrable, making it very simple to position at the desired location for optimal work area lighting.


Rental Advantages with us?

Reduced capital expenditure

No hidden costs

No logistical problems

Please find a small example of some of our items in our fleet below

Rental Fleet.png
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