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Control Technologies for Turbo Machinery

The chemical industry relies heavily on gas & steam turbines and valve compressors to pressurize gas for numerous applications within the plant.  Not only is this equipment extremely expensive to purchase, install and maintain — it is also the most vital to the chemical manufacturing process. Plant downtime due to turbomachinery equipment failure has the potential to be devastating. 


Our partner, Compressor Controls Cooperation (CCC), has integrated compressor controls to maximize turbomachinery operations, resulting in greater efficiencies, reducing plant downtime, improving safety, and increasing the plant’s life cycle.


Proven process controls technology experience and expertise allow us to provide customizable, automated control systems for any turbine or compressor application. From gas & steam turbines to valve compressors, our turbomachinery experts have the knowledge to provide consultation and expertise on the entire turbomachinery process throughout the chemical plant’s life cycle. 


As a channel partner for CCC, we provide the following services:

  • Consultancy

  • Engineering

  • Supply of advanced control technologies for turbo machinery and compressor systems

  • Installation

  • Start-up   

  • Commissioning

  • Field engineering

  • Technical support

  • Training 

  • After-sales service

To learn more, please visit the CCC Website.

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