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For new units and expansion/upgrade of existing units in the Oil&Gas and petrochemical sectors. 

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Soil Investigation

Drilling test borings/excavating test pits to evaluate underlying soil and bedrock conditions. Soil samples tested for their engineering properties, such as moisture content, dry density, expansiveness, shear strength and bearing capacity. Soil bearing capacities in Basrah greatly vary depending on location with values between 2 and 15 ton/m².

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Environmental Study

The Oil&Gas sector demands environmental assessments prior to starting projects and afterwards. Tests are conducted to evaluate the project’s environmental impact. Biological and chemical tests include tests for soil, air, water and noise pollution as well as natural heritage protection surveys.

Site Survey & Site Investigation

Precise assessments of proposed sites are delivered due to our “home advantage”. Being a local company and having local relations, language and a sense for safety, increases accuracy during site surveys, i.e. determining precise location, topography, area boundaries, access, best orientation and obstacles.

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Design & Fabrication

Our engineers create accurate and detailed drawings as well as visualizations of your project prior to fabrication. 

Depending on your specifications, our engineering department provides all necessary calculations and shop drawings for your new project.

Our engineers, builders and welders fabricate and install all kinds of skids and steel structures according to your requirements.

Construction & Installation

Our construction teams assemble and install on-site or provide pre-fabricated solutions at WTE’s North Rumaila workshop.

Installation references include gas booster stations and cryogenic air separation plants, including centrifugal compressors, electrical equipment and control instruments. 


Drawing on over 20 years of experience, our logistics department excels in local and international transport, as well as handling and storing shipments at our WTE warehouses in North Rumaila Oil Field and Khor Al-Zubair Free Zone, Basrah. 


We offer hands-on staff training on clients’ site as well as at our own facilities.

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