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Condition-Based Maintenance Contracts

WTE’s maintenance agreements are customized to maximise productivity and minimize unnecessary cost with our experienced team available around the clock.
Our condition-based maintenance agreements can vary in size and scope, whether it is renovation/refurbishment of rotating equipment or upgrading of a plant. Our maintenance agreements can include any combination of our services. If you require assistance in an area you cannot find on our list, please contact us and we will do our best to include it in the scope of your agreement.
Generally, our agreements tend to include:

Condition Monitoring

It has been proven that companies who plan maintenance by implementing condition monitoring programs spend less on maintenance.
Condition Monitoring helps predict equipment failure.
Prediction of failures can help with shutdown planning and maintenance planning, therefore reducing or eliminating machine shutdowns.
Improved process plant availability and reduced maintenance costs effectively mean a more profitable production plant.
Our monitoring portfolio helps you make the crucial decisions about your equipment before there is a problem.
We have bundled our experience and know-how in monitoring to be able to offer a tailor-made, total service package covering the entire life cycle of your rotating equipment.
This includes preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance and is all about giving fast results, effecting in higher reliability of your installations, and thus greater machine uptime.
Scope of Supply:

  • Bearing and Accessories

  • Lubricants and Lubrication Systems

  • Tools

  • Power Transmission (Belts, Chains, Sprockets, Pulleys, Bushings, Couplings)

  • Seals

  • Mechatronics

We are certified and trained to deliver the following value added services: 

  • Implementation periodic predictive maintenance for critical equipment, balancing, condition monitoring, thermal imaging and vibration analysis

  • Service consulting by guiding for best practice of mounting and dismounting the bearing in application

  • Reviewing lubricant selections, dispensed and interval quantity to recommend the right lubricant solution

  • Aligning shaft/belt driven machinery

  • Adjustment proposals

  • Complete rotating equipment maintenance

  • Delivery and/or fabrication of parts​

  • Upgrade of existing projects

  • Repair and overhaul of rotating equipment covering.

  • Mounting & dismounting of bearings.

  • Basic condition monitoring.

  • Precision laser shaft & belt alignment.

  • In-situ dynamic balancing of rotors.

  • Condition monitoring services – vibration monitoring, thermography, lubricant analysis, temperature monitoring.

  • Electrical motor test, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, motor overhauling and repair.

  • Sharing SKF knowledge through training and seminars on site.

  • Arranging customer training as part of SKF Reliability Maintenance Institute.

  • Industrial Heat Exchanger cleaning

WTE can work with you to improve the overall reliability of your plant while safeguarding against unplanned machinery failures.
Our team of engineers will provide you with the information you need to make critical production and maintenance decisions.
As the authorized local partner for SKF, we provide optimum solutions by implementing our local as well as SKF’s intensive knowledge on rotating equipment.

Typical, but not limited actions are: 

  • Easy and accurate check of the condition of rotating equipment throughout your facility

  • Monitoring and following up the vibration of rotating equipment, such as compressors, turbines, pumps, and blowers on a daily/weekly/monthly or on a set regular basis (periodically)

  • Detection of hot and cold spots with high-resolution thermal camera for plant and building inspections.

  • Testing of static (or off-line) motors with fully-automated instruments that deliver reliable, repeatable results, regardless of user

  • Effective machine and pulley alignment

  • Belt tension measuring

  • Internal inspection of machinery by endoscope tools (minimal need for disassembly)

See also: Services - Inspection & Monitoring

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