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Breathing Air Solutions and Medical Air

Provision of clean air for all your medical and surgical applications.


Medical air supply is a fundamental part of any hospital and could be considered one of few medicines manufactured on-site. “Compressed medical grade air” is needed in a range of applications from anaesthetics to pneumatic surgery tools and any cases where air quality is vital.

Medical Air Applications: 

  • Mechanical ventilation

  • Anaesthesia

  • Drug delivery via a nebulizer 

  • Testing medical devices

  • Drying of medical devices 


Surgical Air Applications: 

  • Pneumatic surgical tools (drilling, reaming, sawing, dissecting, tapping and screwing) 

  • Pneumatic ceiling pendant operation

  • Testing of medical devices

  • High-speed high torque motors 

Contact us to discuss your required equipment or ask us for a consultation regarding your scope.

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